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Briar Cottage

Nestled deep in the forest, almost hidden from sight, was Briar Cottage, blending so perfectly with its surroundings one would almost think it had grown from the ground up.

Yes I have been quiet for a while and this is what I have  been up to and I am very proud to say that this cottage and the furniture  are mostly built using my own  custom made sculpts. The interior walls are from the works of the Victorian  artist and illustrator, Martin Johnson- Heade.  As you can see for yourself they are a  glorious profusion of colours that almost give off  a tangible scent.  The furniture has all been designed to fit with  the cottage although it could be used  in any woodsy/fae/elven setting.

So as the title says I have been  a busy bunny. I have another new house out which I love and again it’s a totally different style to everything else. It’s called Sandalwood  and you can  see it at the store in more detail but here’s a couple of pics of the  outside

It has 2 beds with  ensuite bathrooms or whatever you choose  for them to be, and downstairs you have 5 rooms which  have a really good flow from one to the other about them. A nice little deck  with french windows from the living area where you can while away the time. Oh  and  as usual it has the KBD House Control System which the talented Mr Bard Elcano has developed for me. So  check out the prim  blinds and mood lights etc – way cool.

So what else have I been doing? Well I have been learning Blender, a very good friend of mine who is a  seriously busy lady  took some time out of her schedule to give me a couple of intensive lessons and then sent me out into the world to see what I  could make. ( God help us all, right? ) Actually for the first time ever Blender is starting to make sense and I am really having fun with it. The possibilities are endless and I can now make the things I wanted/needed for my  builds but could never find. As I told my friend, she has no idea how much freedom she has given me. A pic to show you what I have made so far:

There are a few other things but  they are still  in progress.  But I am really enjoying myself : -D

Oh and my dear friend Sandry Logan has finally caved in to my  excessive begging and pleading and finally set out some of her  items at my store.  If you don’t know  Sandry  you are in for a treat – she does animated sequences which are absolutely amazing; Chopping Wood, Forking Hay not to mention others and her latest one Animated Window Cleaning set, are all really cool. Come check them out  at  KB Designs, they are around the log cabins  so keep an eye out- or you can go to her main store at Matahari’s Mall to see everything in one place.  She also does the most amazing scripted & animated birds Canary – Robin – Blue Tit you have to check them out at her main store. Also check out her Machinima videos from her profile picks inworld or hop there from  my  blog list 😀

This is her latest Machinima featuring me using her new Window Cleaning  set. Yessss,  I always knew I was born to be a star !   Enjoy!


So  Christmas  is behind us and we are well into the New Year,hope you all had a great time and got lots of stuffs. I got a Kindle yayy!

I have been busy and have built something I have wanted  to  do for long time. This is Driftwood my latest beach house and I love it!

It makes  me feel so laid back I’m practically comatose. It’s simple, classic beach shabby chic at it’s best with  soft muted woods and clean white walls ready for you to inject your own  colour ways into to make it your own.

Driftwood comes in 2 versions in the box, one with short stilts for placing on land and the other with longer stilts an extra stair set at the side of the deck and also a small jetty so it can be  positioned over the water.  It comes complete with  driftwood chandeliers, the KB Designs House Control System to control mood lighting, fireplace and blinds, a  fitted kitchen and even a bathroom with an mlp bath with  animations for  solo and couples.


Oh and of course I had to make a bed to go with it right  cos that’s what I do so this is Driftwood the bed, 219 animations( Solo, Cuddle, Sex, BDSM &  3-some) in an MLP engine including custom made 3-some animations for GBG and BGB.


My version of Goth…

may not be everybodys idea of it but it’s mine so ner….

As I mentioned in a previous post I was making a goth/darker version of  Wolf Hall as I had had a few people ask for one. I was a little bit concerned as I had never done a goth build before and of course I didn’t have a goth outfit to inspire me at the time. Since then I found 2 outfits which put me in the mood and I have attached a few pics of both  the interior of the finished build and those outfits.  Behold Shadow Wolf Hall ( Yes, I know not a particularly original name but I’m pants at all that)

First Outfit is Nightwish from Emo-tions and comes with horns and wings!!! Gasp!!

Second outfit is from GJCR and is called Gothica Red

Hair is Fame by Emo-tions

Hmm, now I’m wondering if I should do a What I Built  & What I Wore When I Built It Section just to  follow on  from previous post.  Might be entertaining.  Apart from when I am making beds and sorting out the anims, that might not be so good……..




Get down to  the store for your Christmas Group Gift – Christmas Eve – a warm fireplace scene to put you in the mood for a romantic Christmas.


  I am currently doing another version of Wolf Hall  ( the castle out at KB Designs) but in a much darker style, I call it gothic  but its not the grungy type goth you see everywhere, more like a glamorous goth. Anyway while  doing it I got  an urge to run around and find a gothic outfit, hair and skin,  the whole works.  It got me  thinking and I realised that I do this pretty much every build I do. Ok  so we know I’m a bit weird but it seems that if I am building a house with a certain  style or theme I have a tendency to somewhat empathise with it and dress/become of that period/style/ilk.   Suffice to say I spend a lot of time shopping when I am supposed to be working.  It obviously gets me in the right frame of mind but I just wondered if anyone else does the same thing or something similar or if I am the only one a sandwich short of a picnic and we should say no more about it….

As an aside I  didnt manage to find any dresses/outfits inworldz that were  suitably gothic (think Morticia Adams but more vamped up altho not vampirish) to my mind anyway. So i had to make do with a  mishmash of things in my invent and make my own shoes grrr lol. So if anyone can point me in the right direction please do.

I got me to thinking that I hadn’t blogged in a while, and then I noticed that droves of people had moved to wordpress and being a lemming I decided to follow and move my blog here. Have to say it’s pretty comfy here too.

So I think Ima gonna stay for a bit and might even say  some stuff now n then and show some stuff that I have built or talk about stuff that others have made that I like. In the meantime, I’m going to make a coffee and have a look  round and see what I can see.

Hope to see you around …